Discipleship Training School prepares you to spread the good news by teaching you how to know God on an intimate level and by training you how to effectively and joyfully make Him known!






MONTHS OF practical application 

in national & international outreach

DTS is designed to encourage you to develop in personal character, cultivate a living relationship with God, and identify your unique individual gifts and callings. The cross-cultural exposure and global awareness that you find in this school will prepare you to answer the current and future generations'  call to

"go into all the world and make disciples of all nations" Matthew 28:19!

The purpose of an elective is to draw like-minded people together, those with similar passions & talents, in order to show them how to use those passions & talents for the Kingdom!

During the classroom phase you will have additional time in your week for your focus, or if you are in Classic you have additional free time to focus on your relationship with God. Normal class time will be spent together, learning from the same teachers, and interacting on a daily basis as one school. If you are interested in the specifics of those focuses you can click the links below:

Father Heart of God

Knowing & Hearing God

Identity, Worldview, & Relationships

World Missions


Room & Board
Mission minded
Class time
Local ministry
Quiet  Times
Quiet  Times
Books & homework
Free time
Community living

Classroom Phase



"After the Mountains" Trekking & Outdoors


Classic Elective


Looking for some extra adventure? Check out our elective!


What is the classroom phase? What do we learn? What would your time look like?


What is outreach? Where? How? What would you be doing?

Tuition/ Costs

See how little it costs for this 5 month adventure. Unsure? See our resource on fundraising.


 Outreach Phase

     Classroom phase is only the beginning of your adventure! The last two months of your DTS experience will be outreach! Outreach Phase allows you to apply the principles you soaked up during class on your cross-cultural experiences. You'll have so many opportunities to preach the Gospel, learn how to function in a team, experience the power of prayer, develop the ability to hear God, be dependent on the Holy Spirit's guidance, and see God's heart for His children! Outreach can be a variety of experiences! Here are some common experiences:

 But our goals for outreach is to bring the Kingdom of God wherever we go! In all these experiences you really get to step out in sharing the gospel with those we meet and expressing who God is through how we live our lives!



Classroom & outreach phase have separate costs. Part of this is because classroom phase is already set in stone but outreach can vary. We recommend arriving for DTS with classroom cost in hand (if you have a question about that please ask us, we want to help make that happen) and we highly recommend that you start raising outreach costs even though those are due during the school. We recommend you start because you need money to obtain visas and plane tickets which we try to buy sooner rather than later as they are cheaper. After outreach is announced during the school we will help you send out letters about your outreach & location if you need to still raise finances.

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