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September 28, 2020 - February 19, 2021

3 months for Classroom phase

2 months for Outreach phase

Classroom Phase Tuition:    $3,400    

(Due by 1st day)

Outreach:                                ~$4,500    (Varies by location-TBD)

* Finances an issue? Check out our ADVICE ON RAISING FINANCES or CONTACT US for help!


Want to enjoy time with Jesus?

If you're just looking forward to having your DTS experience this may be the path for you! 

What is?


   Here at YWAM West Virginia you can enjoy your DTS experience just as it is. You can enjoy the curriculum over the week and then enjoy your free time however you want. Free time can be a great time to spend with Jesus & process what He is doing in your life!



 Learning in the classroom

The first part of DTS is getting to KNOW GOD! How do we tell about someone we don't know personally? You get to spend this time learning more about God, His character, and yourself! We explore different topics, in depth, for a whole week. When you're not in the classroom we continue seeking God throughout our day. When you're in the Classic focus you get extra time to rest and spend that time with Jesus.

Outreach Prep

Outreach Prep

   During classroom phase we will take time to prepare for wherever your outreach location will be! That could be anything from cultural lessons to practicing skits to preparing testimonies to learning how to introduce yourself in that language! We will also cover some aspects of what it takes to minister & how outreach will be structured. With certain tracks, we use time in classroom phase to prep for specialized outreaches. With Classic, you may be involved in some of that if your outreach lines up with another focus. 

The Path

"Come near to God,

and He will come near to you"

- James 4:8


If you've got questions about DTS, we would love to answer them & get the opportunity to pray for you in your journey! 

Just leave us your info and we'll be in touch!

Thanks for submitting!

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