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Local Ministries

" Transforming individuals, communities, & nations! " 

Here  at  West  Virginia

We feel that God has not forgotten small town America! Here in West Virginia we are called to re-dig ancient wells and build upon the spiritual history of Keyser, and the surrounding areas, to see people released to build bridges to the nations (Isaiah 62). God wants to raise up the people of Appalachia to go out into the world! 

Because of that, we want to be involved in every sphere of society, HERE in our local community, so we can see local people raised up to bring God's Kingdom here! Check out some of the ways we get involved in our small town.


Vision of YWAM West Virginia

      We are a group of people dedicated to seeing the Kingdom of God transform every sphere of society–education, family, business, government, media, arts & entertainment, and church–by beginning in our own community of Keyser. As well as training others to be agents of biblical transformation locally and internationally.

The Seven Spheres of Society

Local Ministries



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