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" Transforming individuals, communities, & nations"

     We believe that God changes & redeems everything! We know God wants to use us to transform the lives of individual and to bring His kingdom to both communities & nations. 

And that all starts here! 

     We believe God wants to change our community so it resembles His Kingdom here on earth! God wants to raise up people from our community to go into all the world & continue to bring His light and His Kingdom to wherever they would go.

     Since we believe so strongly in this, we do a lot of ministries in our very own community alongside of the other programs we run, such as Discipleship Training School and Mission Adventures. We know it all brings the glory of God to our town!

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Community Youth 

     Every week we meet with the youth of our community  for worship, bible study, and fellowship. We meet at 6:30pm Monday nights at the YWAM Center. On the first Monday of every month we do Open Mic Night for Youth. This means that we house a coffee shop-like atmosphere as we allow our youth and others from the community share their talents and passions! If you are interested in an awesome opportunity to come and meet others but more importantly meet God, come out.  We would love to get to know you!

Young Adult Group

Outdoor Study Group
    If you are a little old for youth group, we got you! We have a young adult groups that meets together to have godly fellowship, encouragement, and worship! (And snacks. There's always snacks)
    If you are a young adult who needs encouragement and wants to hang out with other peers who love Jesus, check us out!


      Our vision is transform individuals, communities, and nations. As YWAM WV we feel called to work in and transform the community we are in. While we listed a lot of big events that happen here at the YWAM Center we have a lot of other ministries we participate in, as a base and as individuals seeking to bring God's Kingdom here. These ministries span from worshiping in the parks, serving other churches, leading other youth groups, leading bible studies, starting a Christian book club, mowing lawns, and so on.
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