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Here in our community. Out into the World.

Who we are, what we are passionate about, what we do...

Community transformation

We work to see our community transformed to reveal God's glory "here on earth as it is in Heaven"! We do this through:

  • Engaging in the 7 spheres of society

  • Being in our town of Keyser

  • Leading & participating in local ministry


Reaching the nations

We believe Jesus told us to "Go and make disciples of all nations". That starts in our own community, our own nation, but ripples out across the world. We believe God has called us to raise up people from our community to GO to the nations so both of these areas work together. Ways we specifically work to reach the nations are:

  • Our Disciple Training School. Which YOU can be apart of!

From Mountains to Mountains!

Who is YWAM WV ?

West Virginia Location

Hear the vision that God has given our base, a vision of seeing the Kingdom of God established here on Earth, starting in our small town in the Appalachian mountains, and rippling out into all of the world! 

YWAM WV Vision


& wonderful

West Virginia

Start in Missions

Wondering where to start in missions?

How about here?

It only takes 5 months to start the journey! With 3 months of getting trained, with getting to grow deeper in your love & understanding of God, and then 2 months of going out to share that love on an adventure overseas! Join us at our campus for those few months and let us in on your journey!

AGES 18 & UP.


Want adventure?

Not only can you come for those 5 months and get to KNOW GOD & MAKE HIM KNOWN, you can also have an adventure with it! One of our electives for our Discipleship Training School is for Trekking & Outdoors, called "After the Mountains." Want to see God's light shine, even in the most remote places in the world?

Then let's go After the Mountains!

Trekking School
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