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    Classic is focused on giving students a holistic vision of The Kingdom of God and its transforming power.

    We run one DTS where all the students are in class together throughout the week, except for additional time at the end of the week on your focus. In a Classic focus you are there to follow the normal structure of a DTS alone.

You are just there to do a DTS and focus on your relationship with God. You can take that time to sit down with God, spending time with Him, processing through what you learned that week, or using that time for your assignments. In coming to a Classic focus you have chosen to lay everything else aside to be with God in your time here.

    You have 3 months of classroom phase before 2 months on outreach. We will learn about and participate in influencing our local community in the seven spheres–education, family, business, government, media, arts & entertainment, and church–then take what we have learned to the nations on outreach. A Classic focus is great for anyone who solely wants to focus on their relationship with God and continuing to discover their identity in Christ.

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important info:


September 23, 2019 - February 21, 2020

3 months for Classroom phase

2 months for Outreach phase


  •    Classroom Phase Tuition:      $3,400       (Due by 1st day)

  •    Outreach:                                   ~$4,500       (TBD)

* Finances an issue? Check out our ADVICE ON RAISING FINANCES or CONTACT US for help!

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