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Are you concerned with the quality of education your child will be getting this year?

Are you tired of the uncertainty in schools because of COVID?

Worried if they'll even be in school or continuing to learn online, concerned if they have to wear masks or need the vaccine?

Worried that you child will be behind in school after COVID? Do you wish they had extra one-on-one attention?

Consider homeschooling with Classic Foundations Homeschool cooperative! It's easier than you think!

What is our Homeschool Co-op?

Here at Classic Foundations, we seek to deliver quality education for children in our community.

 Located in Keyser, WV, we are establishing a homeschool cooperative where we help parents in giving their child quality education. Using a university model of homeschool, we will create an educational environment where our staff will help teach classes during a structured learning day, while also helping parents be a part of their child's education. We provide the classes, while you provide the support. It's never been easier to homeschool than it is now!

We really want to focus on reading and language arts. We know that COVID has made it difficult for children to learn. Reading and writing is the foundation of learning, but many kids struggled to learn effectively this past year over online courses. We want to grow strong learners and readers in our cooperative.

We are willing to do what it takes to give kids a high quality education, despite everything going on with COVID. Working alongside parents, we work to give their kids the best education for them to succeed in life. Affordable and easy, we are happy to help parents provide the best education for their children and overcome the obstacles of uncertainty.

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