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Practicing Free Throws

We have successfully received your information! 
We will send you a confirmation email to let you know that you are all set for basketball camp! We will see you there!

Paypal Payment Received! 

Final Steps:
1. Check the page for dates & times.
2. Look out for any additional communication over email before camp starts.
3. Show up at the Old High School Gym on June 3rd!


  • Dates: June 3-7, 2024 (Monday-Friday)

  • Time:

            > Primary: 2-4:50 pm (Drop off: 1:45 pm)

        > Middle: 5-8 pm (Drop off: 4:45 pm)

  • Location: Old High School

             > See below.

What to bring:

  • Basketball -if you can! (With your name on it)

  • Waterbottle

  • A fun attitude, ready to learn!

Arrival time:

  • Be there 15 minutes before start time so we can start on time!

  • PLEASE NOTE: Kids will need to be signed in & signed out daily!


Address shown above is: 19 Fort Ave Keyser, WV 26726

*This address is the entrances to the parking lot of the Old High School gym.

This is where you will pick up and drop off your kids during the camp.

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